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Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive method of excavation that uses pressurized water to agitate the earth and a powerful vacuum to remove debris and safely expose underground utilities and pipelines.

Compared to traditional excavation, hydrovac excavation provides a safe and efficient process when operating around sensitive infrastructure. Not only does Lonestar’s service enhance safety, it has proven to help save our clients both time and money.

HYDROVAC SERVICESOur Tridrive hydrovac trucks have a capacity of 8.9m3 of water and 11m3 of debris, allowing us to excavate twice as long in comparison to other units. These trucks have a 32’ boom reach that can go vertically 26’ before needing any extensions. With our sloped tank design it takes only minutes to dispose of debris, so we are back to work much faster in comparison to other units.

Lonestar went back to basics, with no air switches and very few hydraulic lines. This means fewer breakdowns by eliminating the problematic areas on these trucks. Setting up to start a job takes almost zero time, as we do not need to attach any hoses or dig tubes, everything is ready to work. Between the larger tanks, quick disposal and no set up time we can save the customer 2 to 3 hours per day, which amounts to a considerable cost savings.

Our tandem hydrovac trucks can carry 4m3 of water 7m3 of debris. These units are lighter and more maneuverable in crowded plant situations and they can be outfitted with floater tires to provide access to sites with soft ground.